Monday, September 26, 2011

So Good.

Well. It has been a lovely three weeks. The first flew by, as we had teaching from Mark Virkler on how to hear the voice of God. Powerful stuff. I've been journaling since then and been discovering that God really does love me, and has such affection for me. He reassures me constantly that He's not going anywhere, and He really likes me the way I am.
As for our second week, well, lets just say that people have to be opened up and operated on before they can heal. And man does it hurt. But it's two fold. While God is working in me, and i have days where I just feel awful and wrecked, there are also times where I just feel so loved and cared for. For example, one day we were given a fee-free trip to Niagara Falls, the Gorge, and the Mandarin. Eating all that good food for free, I just didn't feel worthy of so much royal treatment! He just blessed me with it, and I received it. So good. And also meeting new friends and spending time with them is so good. So good.
My third week was a couple more heart-rending days, followed by a spectacular Catch the Fire conference. I worked in the kitchen in the afternoons and prayed for people in the evening. It was hard work, but God really showed me that it's Him that ministers through us. I definitely didn't feel able to pray for people and minister, but God showed up big time and ministered to them through me. He is so good. His strength is made perfect in my weakness.
Well, this fourth week looks amazing. We're having a prophetic week, in which we get encouraged with prophesy, and we also learn how to prophesy over others. I'm excited to be encouraged, and also to become more confident in flowing in the prophetic. It's an awesome gift.
Thanks lovely people, for reading this. May God bless you in everything this week. Sweet dreams!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Well hello there!

So here I am at school. I feel tired, overwhelmed, and excited for all the possibilities. We ate together tonight, worshipped, and got the general introduction talk. Going for walks here are ok. The sky tonight was brilliant golds, reds, oranges and pinks. It was a very nice welcoming sunset actually.
I'm excited to see what happens here. How class is conducted, who I will connect with, how deep things will go. For right now though, I am content to rest, and let things unfold.