Sunday, October 16, 2011

Summary continues...

Hello world. Today is a weird, kind of funny day. It's a quiet, cold, gray sunday that is very well spent in rest.
Well, to continue my summarization of my time here at school, let me begin with week four. Prophesy week. It was really good, two great teachers helped us to begin prophesying over each other, and we all got some great words as well. It was encouraging, and scary too, because when you're learning, you make mistakes. But all in all a good week.
Week five was the lovely PIH conference, which we got to attend, not work. Yay! It was fun, I experienced the Holy Spirit like I never have before, pretty powerful stuff. It was just fun. I'm not really sure what happened, I get little inklings here and there of what He may be up to, but other than that I'm pretty much clueless. So yeah, I got to see some cool people there as well (you know who you are ;) It was a good time.
That weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving, which I spent most of at the school. It was quite refreshing to not have a million people around at once, and to enjoy the AMAZING weather. The last day and a half of break I spent with some lovely friends. We indulged in hot tubbing and face stuffing and had a restful time :P
Week six...ha! That was this past week I believe, we began our ministry tracks, as well as outreach groups. I learned I am going to FINLAND! at the end of school, and who my amazing team members are. My outreach ministry is youth group, and my ministry track is children. It really works out well together actually, to be doing them at the same time. Kids ministry=amazing! They are learning stuff I am only just learning. Just think of how much farther they'll go! So excited to be part of this.
This past weeks teaching was about boundaries. One of the best weeks of teaching ever. Three most important things: Learn to receive and rest in the Fathers love, Have healthy boundaries, and Talk to yourself more than you listen to yourself. If that makes sense, that is pretty sweet ;)

Well, thats the summary aspect of life. As for musing, I think the best time I've had this week has been connecting with God. I mean honestly, I recorded a conversation between the two of us, and it was just cool. It was reassuring because I can hold my own relationship with God and don't need someone to spoon feed me all the time, and also comforting, because He is very ok with this process I'm in. He's not bored, or tired. He made it, and is cool with it. So I will try to be too.