Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Home home :)

Good evening folks. Well, I'm finally home. I graduated from SOM last week, and attended a rather crazy after party. That weekend I stayed with Grace in Port Perry on an island. It's so beautiful there. We went for a night time walk and observed the stars. So pretty.

On Monday we headed down to good old Pennsylvania to go skiing!!!! It was my first time. The first day I tried skiing with no lesson. Bad idea, and I've got the bruises to prove it :P The second day was better though. I had a lesson and then practiced on the bunny hill for hours. After that I could make it down a green run without falling. I am extremely proud of myself lol. It was a lot of fun :) The ski trip was also spent with 17 other fabulous SOM people, my friends and family really. We all lived in one house, cooked our own meals and entertained each other for a few days. I will never forget in that game of freeze when Brayden 'climbed' up Andrew as a koala. O.M.G. SO funny. Anyway, good times :P

So now I've been home for a little while, just chilling and looking for a nursing job. A few prospects, we'll see how they pan out. Pray for me! After that it's internship time at my church on Grand Island. I'm looking forward to it. I think it'll be a great learning experience for me. I'm crazy nervous too, not quite sure what I'm getting into lol. But it'll be a wild ride, and a fun one at that :)

Sweet dreams everyone.