Sunday, January 22, 2012

Home from Finland

Hi everyone. Just came to share about Finland. And waste some time lol. I just spent 3 weeks in Finland on a missions trip with a group of awesome people. I came back changed, a bit more cultured and more free.
We spent a lot of the first week having meetings at Arkki, the free church in Jarvenpaa. We led worship, preached, prayed for people, and had a lot of fun just chilling. Finnish people are beautiful, fun to be around and very nice. They're honest about their culture lol. And the food is really good. We bought and cooked our own meals usually. Twas good.
The second week was spent in the schools. We taught religion classes, but mostly cultural lessons on our respective homelands. The kids were so good, attentive and excited. A lot of them responded with questions and input. We also got to visit a few other churches in the area. We saw the pentecostal side of things, and the Lutheran angle. God is definitely moving in Finland.
The last week we went to a home for the elderly, and visited some houses individually. Just spreading the love. The weekend before was camp, which was so fun. Two and a half days of meetings, games in the snow, sauna time, snow rolling, and just good times with friends. Camp was so fun.
I have been stretched, and treated to the best trip with the best group of people. One of the best things about the trip was just having fun with my team and getting to know everyone better. Life is good :)
Now that I'm home, I think some settling is in order. Being on a 3 week roller coaster ride can really take it outta ya lol. Its good to be here resting and letting God unravel it all :-)