Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rest Rambling

Rest is a funny thing. You crave it when you're tired. Turn your nose up at it when you're a child. Embrace it when you're in college, though you rarely get it. And then when you work full time, you desire time that isn't full. You yearn for it like air, food, water, warmth. At least I know I do.
My vacation from work started saturday. Since being in Texas, it's taken at least two full days for me to realize, it's ok to rest. To feel satisfied, and ok, with time that isn't full of work. My body, soul, lifestyle, is so used to go go go! If you're not going, you're not living! And thats bad! You know, it's so interesting living with someone who is retired. It gives perspective on the modus operandi, if you will, of different people and their lifestyles. The retired person enjoys life, moving seemingly slow through it. They do not rush to work and then rush home to eat and then rush to an evening function or obligation. Their lifestyle is more simple. The working woman does sprint through life it seems. Work, home, friends, shopping. I only say this because I do. Why? Simply the lifestyle of the times? Of the country? Is it something I can escape? Is it something I can discipline out of my life? Is it a mindset? I've also seen people who live fairly simple lives remain busy in their mind and emotions, with worry or discontent. Which is my lot? How do I choose? How can I manipulate my circumstances, or change my mindset, to be the resting sort? The sort that moves steadily through life, not fast, not slow, with the preconceived notions pinned onto speed. The sort that enjoys their life, one day at a time, one step at a time. I want to be that sort of person.