Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Oh, to see...

                                                                     Love this pic :)

Back In Grand Island :)

Well, England was amazing. Every single day was full to the brim with church meetings, worship and prayer, praying in the streets, sight-seeing, time with our host families, and sunshine. Thats right, England was cold the first day we were there and sunny 70s and 80s every day after. God is so good. I saw people get healed of sciatic nerve pain, ovarian cyst pain, and more. We got to prophesy over so many, and I saw them all touched by what God was saying to them. And we got to see London for a day!!!! Omg God is so good. We saw buckingham palace, and westminster abbey, and the tower bridge, and big ben. And get this--we saw the olympic torch!!! As it was going through Beudley on its way to London. SO COOL!!! And we got to take a steam engine train there. The sound alone was something I've only ever heard in movies and imagined as I read about it. England was so magical for me because so many of the stories I read as a child took place there. The Secret Garden, The Chronicles of Narnia, Pride and Prejudice. The first day I kept exclaiming over and over again, this is the place where the stories come from!! Lol so amazing. The only thing I could possibly complain about was our luggage being 2 days late after we arrived home. BUT that also meant I didn't have to pay for my bag being overweight! And boy was it over ;) Yeah shopping was fun too guys ;) So that was good for me anyway :)

I made a lot of friends while in Bridgnorth as well. These men and women are the greatest, so on fire for God and willing to learn and try new things. And the unity observed among the churches!! I've never seen it like this before. Now I know how to pray for the Grand Island churches, and all in WNY for that matter.

I also enjoyed getting to know my team better. I've been going to church with them for years, but being able to do life with them through the pressures of a missions trip was priceless. I got to know everyone better, and be myself more with them. It was just an amazing trip, one that I hope will often be repeated :)

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Well, I'm flying out to England tomorrow. I know, random. I've been settling into my new nursing job quite well. I like my co-workers, and I'm learning how to do my job well. And now I'm leaving again, but this time for 10 days, not 10 months lol. I'm excited! I'm going with a group of 9 to Bridgenorth, near Birmingham. We're going to encourage the churches there, have prayer and worship meetings and street evangelism. Yay! Lol this will be fun. And we get a day in London to be tourists! So I'm happy :) I'm almost packed, some little things to tie up tomorrow. Time for sleep. See you in 2 weeks! I'll come back with pictures <3