Thursday, January 23, 2014

One Year

One year. It is one year to the day I have written here. It's amazing to see that the last blog I wrote still describes my life at times. I recently went on a vacation to the Bahamas with my mother, and had an amazing time. Since coming back, God has blessed me with a slow week. Work, then a day off, then a 4 hour class. Providing spare time with which I can 'catch up on life' as it were. Go through papers, do laundry, unpack, send emails. Write a blog. It's amazing how good it feels to have time. Before our vacation, I was constantly running, from work to holiday things to family times and everything in between. The gym also. So now it feels very good to have time.
I would also like to report that since my last blog I have lost approximately 25 pounds. I would like to thank Jesus, weight watchers, and grapes. I love grapes. While on vacation, walking around in a swimsuit, I was pleased to note that I did not feel self conscious, or worried about what my body looked like. And that in itself is enough reason for me to continue to be healthy.
Lastly, but certainly not least, my hunger for worship, and growing in musical skill has increased as of late. To play guitar more proficiently, to sing well, and to worship Jesus with my whole heart is what I want to grow in this year, among other things. It seems as though this season of my life is a time of learning, in every area. Nursing, friendships, music, worship, teaching children, etc. My pride has taken a huge hit (thank the Lord), and so has my self esteem. Which is interesting. Apparently my self esteem derives its value from what I am able to do well, and what I know. Now placed in a position where I do not know much, and cannot perform skills I don't know well, I realize that my self esteem and value needs to be centered in something else, or rather someone else. Perhaps the love of an all-knowing, always present, holy friendly God can fill the space :P To quote one of my favorite books,

"Wherever I go I know God's Never Stopping Never Giving Up Unbreaking Always and Forever Love will go too!"
                                   -The Jesus Storybook Bible

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