Monday, August 8, 2011

Back From China

Let's just say I started writing this a little late. I got back from China almost three months ago. It has been a rocky reverse-culture-shock road, but Jesus has proved, once again, how faithful He is. He has walked with me, and carried me through emotional stress, physical exhaustion, and more. Now I am resting, staying with my parents this summer in a season of transition. I'm enjoying catching up with friends, worshipping Jesus at my local fellowship, and experiencing the sights, smells, and tastes of my homeland.

There are things in China I will never forget, such as the amazing people I met there, the food, the sights, and the excitement and adventure of being independent in a foreign country. I've enjoyed processing some of these memories, and I'm sure I'll do so for a long while.

There is also nothing like the welcome received when returning home. I so appreciate everyone who has loved me back into America. It's crazy, I just got home, but will be heading out again in less than a month! I'll be moving to Toronto for 5 months to go to a ministry school there. I guess I just have the traveling bug :P It's an awesome program, focused on developing a deeper, more real relationship with Jesus. I know Jesus is going to deal with a lot of my heart issues. I'm definitely nervous, but I'm so glad I'm going. I know I'm not going to come home the same.

Well, that's todays summary lol. I'll be back later I hope, for more in depth thought.

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