Monday, November 14, 2011

Furious Love and Mini-Outreach

Well, the sermon is done. I rather like it. Which is nice lol. Last weeks teaching was really good, yet sometimes hard to swallow. It was on the wild, furious love of God. Chris Dupre taught it. I love it when speakers are from my region of the world. It almost brings the word they give closer to me, makes it more real. I think this message is gonna have to sink in, it's taking time. He talked about the verse where Paul prays for the people to have wisdom and revelation of the love God has for them. The wisdom is the process part, of knowing that you know He loves you, happening over time. The revelation is the God encounter, which for him was a vision of Jesus that blew my mind. It made me really hungry to know God's love for me in my own life. I hope the revelation part happens soon. For now I'll just trust :) The teaching really brought a change in our class as a whole though. We show love to each other so much now, with words and hugs and encouragement. It just changed the atmosphere, its pretty great :)

This weekend was mini outreach! My outreach group, now named FINSKI FAMILY :D went to Kitchener and had a prophetic, worship-filled, fun, relaxing weekend! Which I can't believe all fit in the same sentence! We stayed with the most amazing family, and we ate so well I think we all cried. The family had two dogs who were so cute!! And they were such great hosts. Can I just say there were Christmas movies, a sauna, and loads of one liners involved, I love it :) We also had an amazing time at the church, for which I led an entire set of worship! I know, terrifying, but so good. It wasn't so many people, which helped. And then I co-led on sunday. Prophetic ministry went really well also, stretching, but good. It was all so good! The most relaxing weekend of ministry I have ever had. The only complaint I could possibly give is that the introvert in me wanted to steal away after awhile, but other than that, so good. And I love my Finski family. I feel so loved by them! And if any of you ever read this, I love you!! Also, sneeaaaaky mom!!!!!!.... yeah. :P

All in all, a great week. Whats coming up next? Prophetic evangelism.... dun dun duuuuuuuun...... :P

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