Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday verbal shpeal

Hello everyone. This has been a crazy week. We learned about the life of Christ, the culture and political climate surrounding His time on earth, etc. Pretty much we learned about the Man Jesus Christ, and everything about His time on earth. He's so great. Apparently not a very good looking Guy on the outside, but on the many were drawn to Beauty. Anyways, lots of culture shock this week. November seems to be the month for such things. I was talking to some europeans and got some insight into their mindsets and ways of thinking. It didn't make the culture shock go away, but it made me understand a little better what was bothering me. Which made me feel a bit better. Last week was Destiny and Passion week. Inspirational. A very good resting week. And I led worship! It was fun. Scary before and during but turned out really well. We did Deep Cries Out :) Anyway, good times. Childrens ministry is going well, so fun to work with the kids and play games with them and worship with them! And youth is fun also. Oh the children! Now I just have to finish my sermon. Oh lovely. Wish me luck!

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