Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Life

Well, its begun lol. As if you couldn't tell. I haven't blogged for a month, meaning my job has started and life has gotten very busy. My job is going well. A few kinks to work out and things should go pretty smoothly there. I like being a nurse again. Its been so long! I like caring for people and feeling God working with me and being with me on the job. I miss though, the closeness I had with people when we had all the time in the world to be with each other. I miss the focus my life used to have on spiritual things. Where I am now, it doesn't mean I've lost connection with God. It just means we connect in different ways I think. We'll see how it unfolds lol. Right now, life is a big whirlwind of newness, confusion, and lots of grace. New job, new roommates, new life. Pray for me!! lol 
See you on the other side... 

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