Wednesday, April 21, 2010


So wow. The difference between soul and spirit and flesh is amazing. I feel like, when I woke up this morning I was fully in the spirit, in the Spirit, sharing God's views on dream world, how everything is free and flowing and unhindered creatively.  I was loving it, being in His arms and sharing His thoughts. But then as my body woke up, by flesh and soul, my body went through changes like having all three in it at once; body, soul and spirit. I don't think the other two were removed before, only resting. But I don't know, I kind of like the soul and body asleep! No worries, no cares, no religion, no order of doing things, just freeeeeeeedom. It was so freedom-like and amazing. I am blessed to know such an amazing God who can bring me to the place dividing flesh and spirit and allow me to run free. I am loved, picked up and thrown around by a God, a Daddy who loves me, loves to play with me! In this dream world of fun and games. It's like He's making up for all those lost years of my childhood, when my Daddy didn't toss me around and play. When I didn't know God well enough to believe He was my Daddy. I am free. The Lord is taking certain measures, certain precautions to believe so, to make it free. He is taking more patience for me than I am. When I woke up in the spirit I didn't want the rest of me to wake up. But God had bigger plans that included me waking up and healing, body and soul. I wonder if I have any spirit wounds. It doesn't seem so but, how am I supposed to know? I think I'm good :) But anyway, to close, I just want to say keep your minds and hearts open, to see God show you something radically different than what you were seeing before. He will show you something amazing, believe me! :)

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