Saturday, April 10, 2010

Peace :)

I am going to have a little chat with my brain. Thought you might want to listen in ;)
Brain: I thought you wanted to do this! Why are you letting other people change what you want to do?
Me: Who cares?
Brain: Your personality and your self is being crushed by someone with a bigger will than yours. Do you really want to let that happen?
Me: Hey listen, I am who I am regardless of what I do. I choose to do what I like. If thats the same as someone else, it's ok. If it's not, thats ok too!
Brain: But what about your individuality?
Me: I'm still an individual. I still choose what I like and dislike. I'm still me :) It just means I will be able to agree and disagree with people as I choose. It also means I can change my mind. The only thing I have to be careful of is disagreeing when I disagree. To be true to myself. But otherwise I'm good :)
Brain: ::smoke::
Me: :)

So I'm loved. No matter what I do, no matter who agrees with me or who I disagree with. I'm loved.

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