Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Ha. I hope more posts on this blog are dedicated to not doing things, instead of doing things. Haha. For a blog dedicated to strengths, more and more posts are about not doing anything rather than doing something. Good. That means that even though God gives us incredible gifts, He does not want us to burn ourselves out in using them. Very good. Lol. Ok. So. I am more and more, forever realizing, it seems, that the Lord wants me to sit. To be still. To be still, and know that He is God!! To trust Him. To know that He is GOD, and FATHER of everything, and He will finish all His works to their completion!!!! IT IS NOT MY DUTY TO DO IT!!!!!! I am beginning to understand that it is my Father who finishes the good works, and not me. Because He is a Father, and takes care of everyone. I just get to watch it all :) Lol I'm funny. I'll start a blog when I'm tired, but I'll be exhausted halfway through and it gets harder to write lol. I'll try again during the day ;)

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