Friday, February 19, 2010


So I was thinking on my drive home from work this morning that I have little to no backbone. When it comes to my opinions, ideas, or just plain thoughts on a subject, I can't express myself without first assessing the possible results of my speaking out. Which is a good habit to get into if you want to keep from accidently hurting or upsetting people. But it's a bad habit when it keeps you from saying anything at all!!! I was at work last night, and very few times during the conversation was I able to bring up what I thought. It's safer that way, keeping what I think hidden, but I don't express myself enough, and that's not good. I think that sometimes, saying my opinion is pointless when it falls on unhearing ears. But I think that other times, when I'm with trusted friends, I should be able to say what I'm thinking, because my thoughts are valid as just that, human thought, and to share them should be ok, even if they're wrong, or make me look stupid. Sometimes I'm afraid, and I over analyze what people will think of me and what I say, or what they will say in return. It's so pointless sometimes! Because you don't know what the other person will say until they say it, and as for what they think, so what??!!! Who are they to judge me?? And if they do, who am I to care??!! Lol can anyone out there tell I am at the end of a long shift? :P Oh well, what are you gonna do, blog universe is my ranting room.

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  1. I think that makes absolute sense. I do much of the same thing.