Monday, February 8, 2010

Wounds and people

So, gifts. They are very good. One thing that can stop you from using your gift to the fullest is a wound. An inner wound that taints or colors what you see. Sometimes, it's hard to encourage a person who reminds  you of, say, an old friend who stabbed you in the back. Or a man who reminds you of your father, and your father wasn't a good father. Sometimes it's hard to stay on the subject of love and grace in your mind when all you see is the injustice of a pain that you never healed from. Thats frustrating, especially when you see, as through a fourth eye, your view of things being tainted by those past hurts. It's freeing when the Lord comes in and heals the hurt. It's much easier to minister when you know what you see is not tainted by your past. There's a lot less doubt, and guilt. :)
Another something that can keep you from freely using your gifts is the person you want to give your gift to. If you are trying to encourage someone and all they see is the negative, there isn't much you can do. If the person has been so hurt they can't see straight and are so nervous around you that YOU want to hurl, it kind of blocks the passage of the free gifts of love and compassion. Your love, when viewed through another person's wounded vision, can look like guilt, or pushiness, or simply pain. It is freeing when the Lord comes in, and so saturates the person in His love, that the person starts to understand the love that is coming from you. That the love is good, and free, and full of joy, and freedom, and hope. I have seen this happen, where when I prayed, God completely turned a person around. She was bitter, unforgiving, hateful toward herself, and un-accepting of love. Now she is moving toward forgiveness, acceptance of herself, and she is able to give and receive love more freely. Now, she has not arrived at the end of the journey; no one has. But to see a transformation such as hers is such an encouragement to me, because I know I can and will see God do this again and again in others. I am so thankful that it is not up to me to change people! I know my God will do the work because He is capable, and willing! His love changes things!

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