Saturday, February 6, 2010

Oohhhh Maaaaann!!!

I love, I love, I LOVE using my gifts!!! They make me feel sooo happy, so blessed, and God is so proud of me!!! I love feeling His presence around me, in me. He is the best Father!!! So I encouraged a person yesterday, really and truly developed them. And then I included people, was positive towards them and really just kind of bubbled joy around them, and I was ecstatic! If ecstasy is a place, then I was there! Lol very much exuberance yes you read correctly. If fulfilling my destiny is in using my gifts, then I love my job!!! lolol :D I want to clarify also, that there was no faking involved. Sometimes in order to be a certain way or to do something, especially at church, that I feel that I am supposed to be or do, I used to fake it when there was something else going on beneath the surface, some worry or issue. But not last night baby!!! That was all God, using me, to spread His joy like wild fire!!! And I loved it :)

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