Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Grace :)

So I've decided it's very important to practice giving grace to those people who do not possess my giftings. For those of you who never grew up with church lingo, that means that I shouldn't murder someone because they don't think or act like I do. Pretty standard right? Well, it gets harder when good friends don't know how to include you in conversation, or be positive about a situation you're in, stuff like that. Stuff I normally do for other people. Or when people don't understand how I got to a certain conclusion with my strategic thinking, call me crazy, and then 20 minutes later, come up with the same conclusion and word it differently. ::shrug:: I don't know, it hasn't bothered me a whole lot until now, but I am working on letting it go, and I'm going to God for comfort and grace. He knows me better than anyone, and He knows just how to include me and encourage me. He's my best friend :) Peace.

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